Family Constellation

Through a family constellation it is possible to connect yourself by heart with your ancestors and their power, whose potential often isn’t accessible, as we instinctively connect it with fateful events – because many families are wounded through wars and other serious events.  

Maybe you become aware through difficulties or failures in different areas of your life – like relationships, work, symptoms that doctors can’t explain, sleeplessness, worries about your children... 

Maybe a long or short quest leads you to a family constellation and you sense that this will guide you towards a resolution.

In a constellation, your theme will be made visible through representatives. Hidden dynamics that have worked unconsciously can come to light and be noticed. The field starts to move, carried by a greater, healing power. Insights and epiphanies are possible. 

When we manage to re-establish the contact to our ancestors through conscious, mindful observation during the constellation process, we are free and strengthened for our life, as are our children.

"As long as our ancestors suffer within us, we cannot be happy. When we take a mindful step – freely, happily touching the earth – we do this for all former and future generations. They all arrive in the same moment as we do, and all of us find peace at the same time."
(Thich Nhat Hanh)