Andrea Drohla

Andrea Drohla

My trainings and experiences:

  • Certified Teacher with 18 years experience as maths teacher in secondary school
  • Reiki Master and teacher since 2004 for all Reiki degrees
  • Systemic facilitator since 2002: family- and other systemic constellations, shamanic rituales, etc.
  • Constellation work for Organisations
  • Hara-Awareness®-Massage since 2000 to strengthen your own centre
  • Trance-Dance: getting deep connected with the body
  • Primal/Tantra: early childhood and puberty
  • Meditation-techniques: active and silent meditations

My work was especially inspired by: 

  • Bert Hellinger, Dietrich Weth (Family constellations)
  • Daan van Kampenhout (Family constellations and Shamanic rituals)
  • Markus Feichtenbeiner (Reiki)
  • Anando Würzburger (Hara-Awareness®)
  • Navanita Harris (Dance)
  • Samarona and Swarup (Primal/Tantra)