Reiki- a way of self- awareness

The Reiki-Path serves to raise one's awareness, self-healing, and cleansing.  It is a path to become a healer of others.

1st Degree: Laying-on of hands. Life energy (Reiki) flows from the hands after an attunement in the first degree.  This attunement leads to a bodily cleansing response.  We become more aware of our bodies and of our own basic needs.

2nd Degree: Mental and distance healing. Now mental and emotional aspects become apparent with this degree.  Symbols will be imparted which harmonize the spirit and which allow for distance-healing.  Healthy relationships will be formed In the realm of personal growth.

3rd Degree: Master degree. This degree extends via a very fine vibration in our perception of totally new areas of our being, which allows us to begin work on the spiritual level. The master symbol lays itself through its light-power like a protective cloak around our aura. Becoming a true Reiki Master means to discover and live one's own individuality

4th Degree: Teaching degree – empowers us to attune others in Reiki. Personal maturity is a requirement in order to attain this degree.

Reiki's effects:

Bodily: warming, improves circulation, detoxifying, purifying, soothing, faster healing of wounds, prevents sickness

Emotional: relaxing, balancing, promotes trust and vitality, releases blocked feelings, strengthens heart energy

Mental: helps the spirit to become calmer, helps to recognize negative thinking patterns and how to stop them; increases the power of concentration

Growth potential on the Reiki Path:

The physical body: it is necessary to give the physical body attention to grow, in order to get into contact with the other bodies. When you start to become fully aware of all your bodily activities, then you can break your identification with the physical body and start to feel the second body.

The ethereal body: you begin to become aware of the movements of your ethereal body, its expansions (for example, when you are in love) and contractions (in reaction to fear). There exists a harmony between the first and second bodies when you start to live in such awareness, so that your ethereal body can expand.

The astral body: This body has an even finer vibration.  Someone who is awake on this level begins to free themselves from opposites (light-dark, love-hate, cold-hot), and understand that these are in fact names for the same energy. There exist only vibrations in the third body, no feelings.

The mental body: Kundalini awakes, space and time cease to exist, visions open themselves up, and telepathic abilities begin to grow.