In my workshops I bring shamanic elements into classical family constellations.

We invite ancestors and powers of nature (e.g. powerful animals) to support the healing processes. 

The aim is to reconnect with our soul and spiritual helpers and to re-learn to observe with our heart. The work is guided by thoughtfulness and deep respect; in this way it sometimes enables us to reach thresholds where a deep insight becomes possible, leading to a further step. Sounds, dance and trance are important elements in this work. 

I was intensely inspired by Daan van Kampenhout, who connects shamanic techniques with Bert Hellinger’s work with classical family constellations.

Shamanic rituals using the power of the 4 directions of the compass can be very significant and illustrate the progression of life. We experience which areas of our lives need strengthening and which require moderation, in order to create harmony and live fully out of our powerful centre. Accepting the flow of life and learning to trust life is an important theme here.

Ancestral rituals make us be aware that the ancestors’ power and potential can reach and nurture us.